Potholes - no coordination with road repairs

Some three weeks ago, Lancaster Street in Lewes was closed to through traffic for, I believe, four days. I thought it seemed a long time to cut out and patch the two potholes in the road just before the Ambulance Station,

I should have known better, because when the road was reopened the offending potholes were still there.

Now I appreciate there are thousands of these potholes, but would I be wrong in thinking that to save costly repairs to the ambulances and private vehicles, someone from the station or a passing employee of the Highways Dept could have reported these shallow graves.

Perhaps the Highways Dept in charge of road closures is a different Highways Dept to the one in charge of potholes. Maybe heads of both these obviously unsynchronised departments are on 50k per year, but lack communication skills.

Of course my main conern is that a couple of heterosexual newts take up residence and scupper/delay repairs until autumn.

Mr R Hammond