Premier Inn design for Magistrates’ Court site is ‘hideous’

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Regarding the latest plans for the Magistrates’ Court site, these are hideous.

Whatever is the council thinking of to allow this. There is absolutely no need for more hotels in Lewes .

If you ask the hoteliers in Lewes, they would say the same thing. They get busy in the high season, but for the rest of the year they do limited business.

If this gets the go-ahead, Lewes will become like other towns like Brighton, because the superstore would build their big store and Lewes don’t want this. No way this should happen.

Another reason why – this is supposed to be a bomb-proof building. If this was knocked down, there will be trouble in the whole country.

Developers Quora have got it completely wrong. It will not have a positive impact on Lewes. Tourists come here because of the quirkiness of Lewes and they love it. We are getting fed up with being lugged like Brighton.

We are the county town of East Sussex . Every town and city has its own culture and should be respected for it.

What a come down for Dial House! We were told it was being converted into flats, which would be more convenient for people.

We don’t want Waterstones bookshop in Lewes. This will take business away from local bookshops. Lewes has tremendous bookshops, so why bring in Waterstones?

Ms M A Huxtable