Prepare for Battle event proved to be a fine day for democracy

I wanted to congratulate the Lewes Youth Theatre and all those who helped run and organise the fantastic Prepare for Battle event, an event aiming to increase the engagement of young people in politics, which was held on the railway land in Lewes last weekend.

The event did a great job showcasing democracy in action and saw speakers from all political parties joining in and leading debates which young people in the camps then voted on. I spoke against the use of “All women Shortlists” as a way of selecting female MPs and it was great to see so many people engage in discussion after my talk and then vote on the issue.

Turnout at elections is remarkably low among people under 25 with only about 35% voting compared to over 70% of people aged 65 and over and yet young people are as affected by political decisions, both at a local and national level, as anyone else.

The event which included the democracy den, the camp debates and theatre shows, really brought politics to life and hopefully will encourage more young people in Lewes to get politically active.

The Lewes Youth Theatre did an amazing job in organising this. It was very professionally run. A huge amount of credit goes to all the young people who put this together and the numerous sponsors who supported the event deserve credit too. Maria Caulfield

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate
Lewes Constituency