Price of charging

MY husband and I live in Newick and I am a registered carer for my husband who is confined to a wheelchair when out and about. On our last visit to Paradise Park we also visited the Newhaven Maritime museum where we were welcomed and not charged for entry. My friend, who came with us, is severely disabled physically and walks with great difficulty, and she was also not charged for entry.

We received such a friendly welcome from the person behind the desk and a gentleman who I believe was the curator, we were only too glad to make a donation in the box on the way out because we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and the welcome we received.

It is a couple of years since our last visit, and looking in through the windows of the museum, it was obvious that there had been a considerable re-arrangement of the displays since our last visit so we decided to go in.

However to our surprise and disgust my husband and I were expected to pay half price (£1 each as the price had doubled from £1 per person to £2 per person since our last visit). But what came as a further shock was that for our severely disabled companion there was no reduction (entry £2). This really spoilt our day out completely because everywhere else that we go, National Trust, other museums etc, we are welcomed and are not expected to pay.

So why have the operators of the Newhaven Museum chosen the suicidal route of deciding to discriminate against disabled people, also wheelchair bound people and their carers, because in our case, as on our last visit, we would no doubt have made a donation as we left.

If the operators of the museum think operating in that unfriendly manner will attract customers such as us, they need to think again, because we left without going in (and no doubt so will many other potential visitors).

Mrs A Reed,