Profiting at our expense

NEXT winter looks very bleak as the energy giants put their prices up again.

We are told to insulate our homes to save energy from cavity walls to loft insulation and solar power. None will make any difference to the consumer as the energy giants make vast profits.

The last government is to blame for selling off the utility to France. This will hit the most vulnerable people in our society, such as the elderly where the basic pension is a disgrace to society compared with Europe.

The average increase will add about £150 annually to our bills.

We hear the government is cutting the winter fuel allowance. Does this make sense? No. There are other ways of reducing heat. Large shops, who waste a lot of heat, need to economise more.

We heard that the wind farms had to be turned off as they were generating too much electricity owing to the tail end of hurricane Katia. The energy was lost to power Bristol.

Mrs D Myles, South Heighton