Proud British tradition of remebering the fallen on D-Day

Maybe Cllr Charlton should take note of the event to commemorate the D-Day landings at Newhaven Fort last week that was attended by our Mayor, after having suggested in his letter (June 13) that we weren’t showing due respect to the fallen because he thought that no such event had taken place.

What is ironic is that these men and women we were remembering, fought for the freedom of our European neighbours from fascist ideology.

From this and the ultimate victory in 1945, the whole idea of a united Europe was spawned. Maybe the respect that should also be shown by him, his beer-swilling leader and fellow supporters, would be to not turn our backs on this mantra and not allow ourselves to be led down a similar road to that that our brave soldiers fought so selflessly against 70 years ago.

What we have today is by no means perfect and I and many others agree that robust reforms are necessary.

The British people have a long history of not turning their backs on anyone or anything. If it’s broken, we fix it. We don’t run away and give up.

In Newhaven we have a proud tradition of remembrance towards our fallen heroes. Armistice Day, The Dieppe Raid and Veterans Day are among those that are annually recognised in the town and we are, right now, busy planning events to commemorate the anniversary of the beginning of World War One.

We have a close relationship with the Royal British Legion, the local cadet forces, the Historical Society and the church, to ensure that they are properly supported and organised.

Cllr Charlton should stop trying to lecture Newhaven Town Council and their partner organisations on how to run such events and remember those brave men and women who did and still do, put others before themselves in the pursuit of a better and safer life for us all.

Crawl back under your rock and get your own house in order, our’s already is.

Cllr Steve Saunders

Newhaven Town and District (Valley Ward)