Pub name change was vital

LET us introduce ourselves as proprietors of The Black Duck. We are a husband and wife team; Nikki and Gary Kinnell.

We are far from new-comers, we have lived in Warbleton Parish for the past 15 years and Nikki was born and bred locally. Gary has run his electrical business in the immediate area for the past 23 years.

We were invited to buy this amazing property by the previous landlord, who Nikki has known since she was a child; because he knew we would put everything into it and make damn sure it remained a village pub.

The legend behind the name of the War-bill-in-Tun Inn in Warbleton is both somewhat dubious and quite a mouthful, but we do understand that people can be uncomfortable with change.

Probably there was a right old hoo-ha when the name changed to the War-bill-in-Tun. Originally the pub was called The Two Tuns, then The Tun, then Brook House, then The Tun again, then The War-bill-in-Tun again so we are sticking with tradition really – now it’s The Black Duck.

No to Mr Hamper, why on earth would we want to stir up our fellow natives? Changes had to be made to bring back declining custom and changing the name draws attention to the fact that the pub itself has changed. We adore the building and have done our best to bring out its character. To date the response has been very positive.

Our intention is to make a success of a local hostelry, particularly for the locals; and we have been over-whelmed by the support of the Parish, so a huge thanks to all.

The name? It is not a legend, but a fact, that in days gone by ducks, chicken and we’ve since learned even geese were shoved up the chimneys to sweep them – all that flapping did the trick – after the event if the Duck wasn’t dead, it was certainly black.

Nikki and Gary Kinnell, The Black Duck,