Public input is ignored

At the meeting to call in the Wealden District Council Core Strategy on 25th July it was stated by those wanting to call in the Strategy plan that it had not been thought out to address the problems that it will create.

While Cllr Steven Shing was speaking I passed a note to him (to the objection of the chairman) that pointed out that the public in the main were unaware of the document and it had lacked dialogue, and there isn’t even a hard copy to see, also to point out that it is not only Wealden that is producing a 20-year plan but Rother, Lewes, Hastings and Eastbourne are all presenting one.

If they all build the suggested amount there will be another 40,000 houses built over the period.

The infrastructure along the South coast is just not there, even with developers contribution there isn’t room for the plan to work.

But these points can be brought up at the examination and it is important that the public make the points at that time. I have often said that developers are in control of planning, well on the 27th July Cllr Roy Galley the lead on the Core Strategy let the cat out of the bag. He said if we delay the plan we may get developers applying to build where we don’t want houses to be built. Is the tail wagging the dog?

I have on a number of occasions sent comment on planning applications, and even spoken at meetings, to be told I am not the applicant by the case officer so council can’t do anything about it!

So what is the point in public input if the council can’t use their authority over them?

We the people should tell the developers what to build and where, not allow them to tell us what they are going to do.

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Laurence Keeley,