Putting voters before parties

In reply to Steve Saunders letter 7th June, is it not refreshing that at last we have councillors who can vote how the people want us to vote and not how we are told to by our parties.

If Mr Saunders had bothered to read all my letters, he might be shocked to read that I agree and we do need to get away from the use of oil.

NOT because of the global warming scaremongering, or the Carbon Con, but because it has been the cause of wars over the years.

Let us have cleaner air to breathe, though it is cleaner than recent years. We should be able to use renewables, like hydroelectric and wave power, plus much more.

Wind Turbines do not work most of the time and they are costing the people a small fortune in their utility bills.

Even greenpeace are against them. At last a bit of common sense. Is this the same council that allowed the Lib-Dem Incinerater to be built against the peoples wishes?

It was I, Mr Saunders, that missed the first county council meeting. After two years of unemployment, I was offered a job.

I realised that I would not be able to have time off to fulfil my duties, so very reluctantly I gave my notice.

As for the other spurious allegation, can I suggest that we all work together, regardless of what party we belong to, for the good of the people we represent. Eat more fruit Mr Saunders, but be careful of sour grapes.

Cllr Peter Charlton

Ouse Valley East