Queen’s Arcade needs bringing up to standard

Despite the valiant efforts of the traders in the arcade, the whole place needs to be looked at and brought up to a far better standard.

Here we have an iconic Victorian arcade where John Logie Baird first developed his television idea which is now world-wide. Surely to goodness there is a golden opportunity to create a far better monument to his genius?

The arcade was used by the theatre performers in days gone by when the Gaiety Theatre (now the cinema) was in full flow. All of the current traders perform an excellent job but I bet they would like to see the Arcade developed into a more historical basis.

Why can’t the owners apply for a Lottery grant or any other form of grant which could be allocated to provide for an appropriate design and development programme to make the arcade into a beautiful tourist attraction?

Places like the Lanes in Brighton or even our own George Street have an image and appeal about them which could so easily occur in the Queen’s Arcade. The very word “Queen’s” is surely enough to get some action going.

Roy Harris

Sedlescombe Road North

St Leonards