Questionnaire was flawed

I CONTEND that the Atkins questionnaire, recently sent out, poses catch-all questions which fail to address electors’ concerns about the proposed new zones.

I refer in particular to the proposals for South Nevill. Not enough details are being given to enable residents to give considered answers.

To say that there is a more detailed supplementary available at the library or on-line is not good enough. The question pertaining to South Nevill should have accompanied the questionnaire which was sent out.

Likewise, I believe the admirable plan to have free parking on the marked out bays on bank holidays is worthless without the participation of the district council and its control of the car parks – and we as yet hear no news of this.

To base conclusions on an apparently flawed questionnaire is in my opinion an example of a rigged consultation.

Members of the public concerned about these matters are more than welcome to write to me at the Town Hall or e-mail me at

These are my own views and must not be taken to represent the views of Lewes Town Council.

Catlin, Independent Councillor for Lewes Town Council, Priory Ward