Quintins proposed plan

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WITH regards to the above, I feel that there are enough anomalies within the planning officers comments to warrant this planning application to be called in.

To tell elected members of the planning committee that they were not permited to vote on the application because they had issued a press comment opposing the development was, if not illegal at best it was downright arrogant.

The planning officers themselves could be considered unfit to oversee and make recommendations upon the application, as they had been in talks with the applicant advising them on what was required, without the courtesy of speeking to the elected members of the council. In other words in secrecy behind closed doors.

Another question might be put. That as public sector employees could the planning officers have had a private agenda to support the pension fund of other public sector employees at a time when such pension’s are under debate?

Considering the fact that the opposition to this application was vary strong and was very relevant to the future and the present situation in Hailsham and those against it carried the weight and respect of the elected Town Counci, the Chamber of Commerce and thousands of local people. If the Government mean what they say, then this application should be appealed by the opposition in the same way that had the appelant lost, they could appeal.

What has happened to local democracy? I am not just an upset resident, but for many years before retirement I was chairman of Hellingly Parish Council planning committee and directions such as those given by the council officers realy make me cross.

Mrs Sylvia Skinner,

Lower Dicker