Radical public debate needed over Seaford Beach

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I don’t always agree with views expressed by Jim Skinner of Newhaven in his frequent expression of views in relation to the continuing and costly maintenance of Seaford Beach and other related issues.

However, in his letter published last week ( January 10), he will be pleased to hear that I concur with his views and now is the time to have a radical review by the Environment Agency.

Let’s be radical in a different way and involve the public in an open debate about costs, options and the technical aspects which most of us don’t understand, but would be interested to do so, as we live here!

It is apparent that the sea defences at Seaford are now not fit for purpose, as after the recent battering I believe – from memory – that it is in a similar condition to that after the 1987 hurricane.

We are but just over a mile of the British coastline on which many many millions of pounds have been spent, so when you multiply the problems we now have around the whole country – not forgetting those inland – it is time the Government got serious and instead of cutting costs and staff from the Environment Agency, at least review the situation. Remember a General Election is not far away and voters have long memories!

Seafordian’s who may share these opinions and concerns should mobilise and lobby their councillors and our MP Norman Baker, as people power can work as proved recently with the Seaford tip issue. So on your marks, get set, go!

I want to make it clear that in my view Seaford Beach is foremost a flood defence and not a leisure facility. Any leisure/pleasure that one may get from swimming, fishing, walking etc is an added, most welcome bonus.

A question I would like to ask of the Environment Agency is why were the groynes not replaced in 1987 when the beach was re-built, as they were in Eastbourne?

Surely this would have partially helped retain the regular shingle shift!

David S Chester