Rail facilities need improving

It was encouraging to read the way in which Amber Rudd MP has managed to secure an additional train a day to Charing Cross in a time of 90 minutes to cover the 60 odd miles.

Perhaps she could now turn her attention to improvements so that passengers can actually catch such a train?

Despite arriving in good time to catch the 08.14 to London on Tuesday, January 20 I missed it: there was only one ticket office staffed and huge queues there and at the sole ticket machine. The young man staffing the barriers refused to allow people through, although one can buy a ticket on the train. I am sure I was not the only person to miss my London appointment.

If the rail ‘industry’ cannot even provide the basic facilities for accessing transport what hope is there of regeneration in the town? Perhaps Amber Rudd’s rail summit could address the simple issue of passengers being able to buy tickets to travel since clearly the manager of Hastings station is incapable of such a basic task.

Dr Hilda Kean

St Mary’s Terrace