Railway Quarter - let’s jump at this opportunity

I am writing in support of the Railway Quarter development. What we really need in Newhaven is the derelict quayside and its buildings regenerated and redeveloped for retail and leisure use – not as you have seen fit, a greenfield site being churned up to build another way-out-of-town supermarket that will be closer to the now defunct village of Tidemills than it will to Newhaven town centre.

Our town is an acute embarrassment when compared with Dieppe, and this is the fault of you, our district council – well, you and East Sussex County Council – for the decades of poor governance that you have shown when planning for Newhaven.

As an example of urban decay, the Railway Quay is staggeringly remorseless. The run-down degeneration of the buildings, the rot-infested timbers, the appearance of poverty, of a local economy on the rocks is a potent manifestation of the failure of business and government to realise that there are people that live in Newhaven that have to look at this squalid scene of decay day after day, year after year.

With the Arrowcroft proposal we finally had a chance to see the riverside townscape brought into the 21st century, but it came as no surprise to local residents hereabouts to watch this opportunity being flushed down the Ouse by our local, elected representatives.

Now that Arrowcroft plc have re-submitted plans for the proposal, is there any possibility of you making the right decision this time and allowing this development to proceed?

The good folk of Newhaven – and the not-so-good for that matter – would like to see the Railway Quay as it once was, a thriving, successful area of employment and not look as if it’s the remnants, the last rotting threads of some nuclear holocaust, if that’s alright with you?

Henry Page, Newhaven