Rampion wind farm - need to present the cons as well as pros

I was going to treat the Friends of the Earth Andrew Durling’s response (Express 5 September) to my letter concerning the Rampion Windfarm particularly, and the evidence for and against climate change more generally, with the contempt it so much deserved.

Since Mr Durling missed the point so comprehensively, however, I have revisited just in case I had suffered an aberration and as a result some of your other readers may have drawn a similar conclusion to Mr Durling.

I am pleased to say that the main point of my letter, namely that the decision to go ahead with Rampion or to plan for significant increase in sea levels must be made on evidence only after the exclusion of bias introduced by those with vested interests, really is very clear.

A further point made was that decisions should be based on scientific probability and not subjective possibility. What sort of scientist I am (doctor of pharmacology in fact) is irrelevant because the basic principles of scientific method are applicable equally to all the genuine sciences which require statistical proof as the basis for conclusions upon which decisions are made.

Unfortunately there are those in influential positions with backgrounds in the social sciences, psychology and the like where value judgements and subjectivity seem to be more prominent in the decision making process than basic scientific method.

All I was suggesting in my letter was that such subjectivity should be stripped out before making life changing important decisions.

Finally, whether it be Friends of the Earth, Coastal Futures or any other group, they must take great care to present the cons as well as the pros for their position and offer a balanced view for the rest of us to consider.

I don’t see that with Rampion or

with Costal Futures and until I do I shall continue to remind Mr Durling and others of their responsibilities and, at the end of the day, in our democracy it is the people who ultimately will decide and hold them to account (if not through a referendum, through the ballot box).

Cllr Alan Latham,

PhD, MIoD Chairman UKIP Lewes