Re-branding will not benefit tourism

I can’t for my life understand what benefit re-branding the A21 to ‘Route 1066’ would have on local tourism.

I assume Route 1066 would start at The London end of the A21 in Lewisham then terminate in Hastings. (Or vice versa). In this case, in order to sign post and place R1066 name plates along its length would require negotiations with two London boroughs, two local authorities in Kent, two local authorities in East Sussex. Finally Hastings Borough Council.

How much is all this going to cost?

And who is going to pay?

A much improved A21 would be more beneficial than a snail trail Route 1066. Not to mention faster rail services to London.

What would benefit tourists and locals alike would be urgent re-surfacing, the much needed re-painting of road markings, the clearing of vegetation obscuring important road signs and reduced parking charges.

Route 1066 won’t do this.

Bob Thorpe

Harvest Way

St Leonards