Readers astute enough not to be taken in by criticism of Lewes MP

Reading Michael Richards’ letter (March 13) leads me to believe that he lives under some illusions.

The impression he gives is that our current MP Norman Baker is no longer viable as a candidate due to his “crumbling election campaign” and his failure to carry out work of substance in the constituency.

Mr Richards obviously has some “inside” information on Mr Baker which has escaped the attention of the local residents – or is it simply wishful thinking?

Regardless of my own political allegiance, I believe Norman Baker has been an outstanding MP during the time he has represented the Lewes constituency. A man who has achieved continuous electoral success over 18 years must be doing something right, surely.

The Tories should be more concerned that the forthcoming fight in this area will include the emergence of UKIP, who have the possibility of upsetting the evergreen “two-way” battle between the usual contending parties.

Certainly Miss Caulfield appears to be a laudable, though inexperienced person to take on an MP’s responsibilities, but she has the advantage of belonging to a national party which possesses untold wealth from its private backers.

This money is destined to support all Tory candidates at the local level, eliminating any problems with expenses they may encounter when the “real campaign” begins.

Mr Richards presents a long and detailed resume of the political local scene as he perceives it, but on closer inspection this rather vitriolic letter is aimed solely at the denigration of our local MP, and I hope that readers will be astute enough to view it in that light.

Mary Clarke