Real jobs and real growth for my constituents

It is typical of Mr Baker not to read and listen to the facts properly. I did not say it was the Germans. It was actually a Frenchman and Englishman Monet and Salter. The birth of the idea started in 1918. I will not bore the readers with facts and dates, but I urge everyone to read The Great Deception by Christopher Booker and Richard North. UKIP is not a one man band, Mr Baker. We are people from all walks of life and all from different ethnic backgrounds. We all took the trouble to find out.

If it was true about what we were being told about the EU. It is. We are all standing up for the truth to be told, so our children and grandchildren can live in a free society. So they can be governed by Parliament, not by a small group of unelected elites in Brussels.

Open your eyes and ears Mr Baker. Listen to what the press are finally saying. UKIP are right. Listen to what the unelected elites have been saying for a long time. It will be a United States of Europe.

UKIP have known for a long time. Of course, you and your failed party and all the other failed parties are either unaware of this (frightening) or are not being forthcoming with the British people (equally frightening).

One more thing Mr Baker, the European parliment have no power. The small number of unelected elites weald the power. We have 9% voting rights in the European parliament, hardly an influence.

Please read the detailed and factual book about the European Union Mr Baker, as our MP, for all our sakes. Enough about the EU. Ever since I and the other UKIP councillors have been elected, it has been nothing but sour grapes from your party Mr Baker. For the next four years I will work with anyone, from any party, to try and get real jobs and growth for my constituents.

Cllr Peter Charlton

UKIP Ouse Valley East