Recycle - wasting time and money on waste

About three years ago, I mentioned to a friend that I had just returned from the local tip, having deposited a car full of garden rubbish and one or two items too big to fit in our waste bin.

I described the neat rows of containers, each labelled to enable the correct sorting of goods to re-cycle and how organised the whole thing was.

My friend was dismissive. “Don’t bother, he said, “the whole lot ends up in landfill anyway.

Ignoring this cynical attitude, I have continued to re-cycle and am now the proud manager of three wheelie bins and two boxes supplied by the council to enhance my tiny garden. In the words of Matt Munro’s song “we’re going to change your world. The system changes fairly regularly: additional bins, different colour bins, different days for collection, etc. etc.

The most recent change involves the employment of sub-contractors to collect the grey bin (plastic, paper, tins, foil – not sorted) and the blue box (glass) on a Wednesday. The first day of this new arrangement (July 31) saw a road lined with bins and boxes patiently waiting to be emptied. NOTHING HAPPENED. My telephone call to the number provided received a recorded message requesting that the bins and boxes should be left out and would be collected later.

On Saturday, August 3, the lorry finally arrived. I watched, with dismay, as the content of the blue boxes was emptied into the grey bins and then the bins tipped into the lorry – OFF TO THE LANDFILL SITE MAYBE!

Can somebody please PROVE to me that the whole exercise is not a farcical waste of both time and taxpayers’ hard earned cash?

John Salmon

(Horrified of Heathfield)