Recycling a waste of time?

I read with interest your article on page 24 titled ‘Council calms recycling fears’ (Express, December 13). I could not help laughing – particularly as I have had a blue box since the system started but I have watched the refuse collection officers each time they come for the recycling bins, and I know for a fact because I watch them, that they pick up the blue boxes and tip the glass into the recycling bin, put the bin on the lorry, two at a time, and it all goes merrily together down into the cart.

I wonder what happens to all the carefully recycled material – washed up plastic pots, carefully sorted paper and polythene, etc – when it arrives at the “recycling centre” and has to be sorted together with all the broken glass. What would ‘elf & safety’ say about that?

I have and always will give my refuse collectors a Christmas tip because they do a good job – normally – but when I went to put my bin back (recycling one!) I found it had not been collected.

The following day after my irate phone call, it was taken away by special collection, and I guess it then ended up in a landfill site!

It is all such a waste of time really. But of course we shall still continue to do it I guess in the hopes that one day some of it may get recycled.

Linda Wilson

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