Reform the EU from within

I was delighted to see Nick Clegg make a strong patriotic case for the EU last weekend in the face of an increasingly dangerous and ugly campaign by anti-Europeans.

The next European elections are the most important in years, they effectively act as a mini-referendum with two choices: in or out, Lib Dem or Ukip.

Just like Nick Clegg I am unashamedly pro-European. I believe our EU membership has generated millions of jobs; that in an increasingly globalised world, we need to stand tall in Europe; and that the environment is a huge issue which can only be tackled through joint EU action.

But I also agree with Nick that we should not offer unbridled support to the EU. We recognise that, just like all organisations, the EU needs reform to ensure it moves with the times and continues to work effectively.

Reforming the EU and steering it in a direction which most benefits Britain can only be done from within, with hard working MEPs sitting round the table. I love Britain – that’s why I want us to be at the heart of the EU.

The election on 22 May effectively determines the answer to the big question: in or out – the Lib Dems or Ukip – Great Britain or Little England.

Giles Goodall

Lib Dem MEP Candidate for South East England