Rejection of Lewes’s North Street plan’s will harm town

I wish to express my support for the Santon development in Lewes.

I think the crucial flood protection has been well thought out, providing additional protection for the Pells area and also opening up a river frontage and vista for Lewes residents and tourists. We are very lucky to have the opportunity of a riverside development.

I welcome the provision of affordable homes – as many as could be reasonably expected. I note that a housing association will be involved and that there will be provision for both first time home buyers and the elderly.

Santon will also provide a welcome creative space although housing must remain the chief priority. There will be infrastructure such as doctors, dentists etc to support the residents. Retail space will also provide jobs.

There will a be the provision of a 330 space public car park accessible 24 hours a day, something that can only reduce current pressure of parking in central Lewes.

I truly believe that this proposal is the best that Lewes can achieve. The developer has been scrupulous in consulting widely and appears to have an excellent understanding of the town. Should this application be rejected it will do untold harm to the future of Lewes.

Rita Ellis (Mrs)