Removal of majority group in Polegate council is most welcome

Surprise, Surprise. I feel duty bound to express an opinion on the list of candidates for the forthcoming by-election in the Polegate North ward.

This by-election has arisen due to the resignation of Mr Joe O’Riordan as a Polegate Residents Association councillor and, at the time he stated, “he felt many of his colleagues on the council were there to boost their own egos and were backing proposals that could be to the detriment of Polegate and its residents”.

He then went on to express his dismay at the disjointed committees and the infighting of the different groups.

And so, who is on the list of candidates for 26 September none other than Mr Joe O’Riordan as a Polegate Independent.

The cost for this by-election will be in the region of £6,000 and perchance that he is successful and elected, then that will have cost the electorate approximately £78.90 per day for him to not be a councillor.

I’m sure that he would be welcomed back into the council very enthusiastically by his egotistical colleagues.

As Mr O’Riordan was unable to achieve some of his progressive ideas while a member of the Polegate Residents Association, the council majority group, what chance would he have as a solitary Independent? Perhaps it was within the Polegate Residents Association that the problem was.

The removal of any majority group within Polegate council would be a most welcome change and, I believe give a wider range of views which should ultimately be of benefit to the inhabitants of Polegate. I look forward to the results of the 26 September.

Paul Woolmer