Removal of on-street parking will kill off Uckfield town centre trade

We have received a note that voting will take place between 4 and 9pm on March 12.

Unfortunately we will be away at that time. We are registered for voting by post, but it seems this facility is not available on this occasion.

If the voting started at 9am, we could go to one of the polling stations before we leave.

Although we are told the result of the referendum is not binding, we are disappointed not to have the opportunity to vote.

My wife and I have lived in Uckfield for 30 years, and we can therefore speak from some experience.

The removal of on-street parking in Uckfield High Street would be a death-knell for the shops there, many of which struggle against the competition of the supermarkets.

Elderly people and the disabled cannot carry shopping bags to the public car park, particularly as nothing is level.

Although there are now many more disabled spaces in the car park, they are of no use to those who need to get to the shops.

The variety of shops in the High Street results in a vibrant shopping centre. To remove the on-street parking would lead to a “dead” town – the hustle and bustle would have gone and also the community spirit which prevails would be eroded. Even if a few kerbside disabled spaces were provided, the activity would be severely diminished.

The proposal to remove on-street parking is contrary to the general tenor of the Local Plan which states, inter alia, “Uckfield, has traditionally been a vibrant market town”.

It should be kept that way. Although traffic management improvements were envisaged, any schemes put forward should essentially ensure that the vibrancy of the High Street as a shopping centre is maintained.

We hope these observations will be taken fully into account.

Clifford Dann MBE BSc DSc (Hon) FRICS

Patricia Dann JP