Repair measures moving ahead at Splash Point

There are understandable concerns about the future of Splash Point. I am writing in response to those concerns.

The concerns surround the need to repair the promenade/groyne so that the current fences can be removed.

The district council has no wish to see access to the area restricted any longer than public safety requires.

The council took the sensible and probably legally necessary decision to fence the area off for safety reasons.

Originally the fencing was designed to be low key but repeated vandalism resulted in the need for what we have now.

In order to make the pathway safe, we need to ensure the repair of the damaged areas of concrete. The council is receiving engineers’ reports on the damage and is liaising with other agencies and the town council to agree how these repairs can be achieved.

Now that the imminence of further storms in the short term has passed, we can in conjunction with our partners move on to the next stage. Your readers may rest assured that we want the area reopened, but in doing so we must ensure that repairs commensurate with the task in hand have been carried out and that in so doing the council’s exposure to legal action is minimised.

Cllr Tony Nicholson

Lead Councillor 
Health & Environment