Replace brickwork

So, Waterstones is opening in the Cliffe Precinct, Lewes, in a beautiful building in a conservation area. What a shame about the state of the precinct. Especially right outside the shop.

Since the varied colour brickwork precinct was carefully and beautifully laid out many years ago, in various patterns, it has been dug up countless times by the utilities and when the work finished, put back as if they have never been. That was until a year ago. Certainly two of the utilities still take extreme care and pride in their work. However, the company that does work for the water (Clancy Docwra) has a new idea. Fill it up with black Tarmac. What an eyesore will greet you as you go to Waterstones or enter the door to your brand new flat above.

They were working there again yesterday evening and what do I see this morning, another unsightly black gap in the brickwork surrounded by dried puddles of cement. It is now tourist season. We are now in the National Park. The site for the Farmers’ Market and other events is beginning to look like a pock marked battlefield from the first World War. Where is our pride in the facilities that we have?

I know this may not appear as important as the Magistrates’ Court redevelopment or Pheonix Quarter but come on Lewes Council. Make a stand and force the companies to do the work properly, leaving it as found. They must have a fair sized collection of bricks and cobbles by now, looking at the state of the area, surely it is not too much to ask?

Dominic Aynsleigh