Report potholes on the internet

Your commentary East Sussex Roads in chaos, February 8, is perhaps overdue.

Our roads have been allowed to deteriorate over many months with little monitoring or intervention by East Sussex County Council (ESCC).

One simple method of putting ESCC on the spot is for your readers to report potholes and other unsafe road conditions on their own street.

This can be achieved rapidly via

It took me only a few minutes to report the 28 potholes over just 150 yards along part of our road.

The process involves entering a postcode and clicking a map to flag the location of damage.

It does help to specify the house number(s) and the number of holes outside each house. Photographs help, but are not essential.

The system immediately logs your report with the responsible authority (ESCC in this case).

Thereafter it will form a firm basis for claims against ESCC for damage to vehicles or personal injury for those harmed by the specified damaged road surface.

Finally, do check the repairs during and after completion. We have experienced the marking and filling of certain holes, while those a few inches away were ignored.

More ludicrous was the dropping of asphalt into a brim-full pothole in the pouring rain!

Rosie Boxer