Reporters needed to cover council

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I have been following on your letters page the antics at Polegate Town Council.

Sadly with no reporters from the local press attending their meetings we only read the sanitised version of what happens with information obtained from Councillors releases or Town Clerk statements/ minutes etc.

For example I attended the special meeting to approve the Councils accounts and queried why the earmarked reserves had doubled to over £70,000 with £20,000 carried over for multiple years. £5,500 of this money is for renovating the changing rooms at the War Memorial Recreation Ground.

I received no answer and the minutes of the meeting do not reflect the question I asked. If a reporter from the local press had been present I am sure this issue would have been reported in your newspaper.

In summary with local newspapers not attending such meetings there is no longer anyone to hold Councillors and Councils to account. Without your presence standards will decline and Councillors, who do not deserve to, will continue to be elected.

In response to your Readers Survey I want to see better “live” coverage of local news and like the police the return of the foot soldiers to the beat.

Frank Northcott