Residents losing their views

Did you have a view? A photo of my house in 1950 shows trees (on council land) two metres tall.

Today now 25 metres and still growing, diminishing my townscape views. Friends in other parts of town have lost their cherished views over time to tree growth. Is this a ‘Can’t see the wood for the trees’ scenario?

One of the greatest losses of a view must be that of from the Old Town up to the interestingly varied architecture of High Wickham up on the East Hill, is now 98 per cent lost behind a green screen of trees.

Likewise people living in High Wickham have lost their Old Town and seascape views. Is there a case for some ‘crown topping’ or coppicing of trees, or do we all have to go ‘green’ in the future?

M R Walker

Linton Crescent