Respect seems to have diminished

How sad for relatives to find that the graves of their loved ones have been desecrated (Observer, October 17) in this modern time.

Surely this act was common in the distant past but it seems respect for others even in this day and age or maybe because of the way we are now, has diminished.

Possibly The Landscape Group which maintains the cemetery or even the council itself can look at the situation, after all the plots to bury people cost a fair amount and to be quite honest the council is not backward in telling people what type of grave as to colour, decoration etc they can have.

Perhaps the council’s interest could be extended to keep our graves safe from the likes of the people who caused damage in the recent reported cases, by the use of CCTV which can be installed in multi units at an acceptable price for the peace of mind of families and friends.

Derek Stocker

Duke Street