Ridgewood farm development won’t fall under new regulations

SINCE March 27 the new protection regulations for the Ashdown Forest have come into force. This will include the Ridgewood farm development south west of Uckfield which falls within the seven kilometre buffer zone of the forest.

Wealden District Council have stated that any new developments of a small number of houses will have to meet tighter regulations which will effect local builders.

But the 1,000 houses, primary school and industrial units to be built at Ridgewood farm will not come under the new regulations even though the government planning inspector as yet to make his decision on the development and no planning applications have been put forward.

As Uckfield is a commuter town, many residents travel along the Ashdown Forest corridor to work causing carbon pollution.

An extra one thousand houses, school and industrial units will generate thousands more journeys in and around the Ashdown Forest causing many more tons of carbon pollution.

Mel Sanders, Uckfield