Rising population from immigration is strain on resources

Rod Main in his letter (October 31) seems to be one of those readers who reads between the lines rather than what is actually printed.

On the NHS and its failure to provide a satisfactory service (not always but more frequently than it should) UKIP clearly states that net immigration is a significant contributory factor but the increasing population year on year is due also to the ageing population and rising birth rate.

But of course the primary cause is the disastrous Labour government’s disastrous PFI initiative dipping deeply into the NHS budget to the benefit of the private sector for years to come.

UKIP also clearly states it is not just the NHS but infrastructure as a whole (schools, roads, utilities, housing and so on) which is put under pressure by the increasing population with controlled immigration being the answer.

Oh, and incidentally Mr Main, please be clear that UKIP is not anti-immigrant but anti-favouring EU immigrants over and above those from elsewhere.

Does that make UKIP less racist than those who wish to favour migrants from within the EU and exclude those from elsewhere?

Mr Main flippantly dismisses Simon Barnes very sensible Newhaven road improvement suggestions on cost grounds saying that UKIP would need a magic wand to finance such a plan.

A good start would be to leave the EU’s shackles and save the £60M a day membership fee the UK pours into this monstrous project.

That’s £4-5M a year for Newhaven alone (twice that for Seaford). Rather than being tied in to a failing economic and political Europe, wouldn’t it be better to re-establish our relationship with the Commonwealth countries?

It seems to me that those who are blinkered within the three old failing parties are, to quote Mr Main: “the quick fix and fast blame merchants” as they are prepared to say anything to ensure this country continues on its ruinous path controlled by unelected EU bureaucrats.

This week we are remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that this country would remain a free and democratic sovereign nation and yet here we are happy it seems to give it away.

Surely those who paid so dearly would turn in their graves, and how those treasonous individuals, they gave their lives for, can look at themselves in the mirror, heaven alone knows!

Cllr Alan Latham

Chairman, UKIP Lewes