Road improvements but what about Hellingly pavements?

We have several notices around the area announcing that ESCC have much pleasure in giving us our road improvements.

I can’t believe how they can say this when some of the pavements that run along the side of the roads are in such a bad state.

I spoke to highways before Christmas to complain about the pavement that runs from Hellingly church to the primary school. It is quite lethal. Highways came along and squirted white paint around some affected areas and that was that. Some parts of the pavement are so narrow there is only room for one person, especially in the summer when the stinging nettles and brambles overhang it. We are encouraged to walk our children to school and with all the local building there are more and more children walking to school. This is something that has not been properly addressed when building so many houses and there are more in the pipeline.

Sooner or later there is going to be a terrible accident. Do we have to wait for that to happen before something is done? We need improvements now.

Pavements and speed limits which at the moment have no effect whatsoever.

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