Road repairs - Central funding should be pursued

Looking around with increasing dismay at the appalling state of the roads in Lewes town centre, and the absence of any action or funding to rectify this, it would appear that the only way to obtain the necessary finance for road repairs on a large scale is for a substantial monetary loan to be obtained from an appropriate central funding agency.

Clearly it is useless to rely on such an amount of finance to be made available through normal highway repair work funding, in which Lewes is in direct competition with the rest of East Sussex.

In respect of Lewes, however, surely a case for funding by outside bodies can be made on the basis of the special status of the town centre and its contingent conservation areas being recognised as of outstanding character, to which of course the visual appearance of its roads and streets has a direct bearing such as to justify special arrangements for appropriate funding support.

Although I would suspect no such route has yet been investigated, there seems no reason why this step should not now be taken.

The need is urgent, in the face of rapidly declining circumstances.

This is no time for hand-wringing, despair, and inaction.

Michael Parfect