Road work on the wrong house, wrong kerbstones

I have been waiting since August 2014 for the council to lower my kerb which was left at least 2 inches higher than it should be following the road resurfacing.

After many months and various phone calls, they responded this week with the news that the works had been completed!

Yay! But no it definitely hadn’t been completed, it hadn’t ever been started. Once again I pinged off an email, this time cc’ing in the local councillor asking who is claiming for works that hadn’t been done, who checked this etc. etc.

Well a road man turned up on my doorstep this afternoon while I was at work and spoke to my 16-year-old son to apologise that they had carried out the works on the wrong ‘Homestead’! There is also a ‘The Homestead’ in Maynards Green, a completely different village which has a completely different postcode.

When I got home from work today I noticed that all my kerb had been spray painted with instructions of what needs to be done! My son told me about the mistake that had been made. I couldn’t believe that someone could be so stupid so went to the other ‘The Homestead’ to check and, yes, had lowered the wrong kerb stones!

Is there some kind of award we can give them for stupidity?

Julieann Evans