Roads - council rejecting responsibility

In relation to your story regarding the state of Cockshut Road, we are a family-run Mobility assessment centre based on the Rise Farm down Cockshut Road and have been fighting the council to have this road resurfaced due to the fact that less able and disabled clients visit us daily to test and try mobility aids that will improve there life.

We get visitor from four different counties here who all complain bitterly about the safety of this road. One particular lady from the Southdown Tennis Club actually fell down the potholes and broke her wrist.

We have been told by the council that the records show that this is an unadopted road and therefore not there responsibility to help, even though they rent the car park from Southdown Tennis Club to make money from people parking in the car park.

They then explained that this is Network Rail’s job to resurface the road as it belonged to them but we have exhusted that avenue as well. How can a council leave a road in this condition when they are most likely the reason for most of the traffic coming down Cockshut Road to use their car park.

Ben Gretzer