Roads safety issue is still unresolved

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Late in 2012, a six foot fence was erected in a property at the corner of our road, creating a safety issue.

The fence obscures the view for both pedestrians and drivers of traffic approaching from a northerly direction, when the corner of the road is reached.

It is fortuitous that no accident has taken place, but it is surely only a matter of time, as there has already been more than one “near miss”.

In January this year, a planning meeting was held at which both Lewes district and Seaford town councils agreed that safety was definitely at risk here, and turned down the retroactive application.

However, since then, almost six months have elapsed and no decision has yet been reached as to whether this structure should remain in place.

An appeal from the householder was submitted on the last day of the allotted time period, which took place in the first week of May, giving rise to a further question as to why the appeal process should have occupied such an amount of time since the January meeting.

At the time of writing, still no action has been taken, and apparently the appeal has now reached the Planning Office in Bristol, which is hardly accelerating the process.

The inevitable query must arise – just who is in control here – the householder, who erected the fence without permission, or the Planning Authorities?

Lewes District Council, who advised us that if an accident took place, the onus and cost would be placed on the people involved, should indisputably have been more active in ensuring this safety issue was rectified at the earliest possible moment.

Is the council willing to wipe aside the possible consequences if a fatality should, even now, occur due to the inordinate amount of time spent thus far on further discussions?

If so, I think we should be seriously worried about their concern for the safety of citizens in this part of Seaford.

Mary Clarke