Roadworks - Sorting out a flooding problem

Further to Mike Margett’s letter ‘Why the constant road works?’, I can fully understand his frustration that this junction at Snatts Road has experienced several road works over the recent past.

I have to admit that I am partly to blame for this as I badgered the county council about the surface water flooding problem at this junction which was a road safety hazard and a great inconvenience to local residents.

Eventually, this was sorted but it did involve fairly major drainage work and digging up the road.

However, the position is much improved now so that the short term inconvenience has had long term benefits.

Interestingly, one of the reasons that this work took so long to plan was that at this junction there are a maze of cables, pipes and trunking under the road all supplying essential services.

The current works are for a gas mains connection at the junction with London Road and then along Snatts Road the existing gas main has to be lowered to a safe depth.

Whenever there is a proposal to close Snatts Road, I always challenge it as I am all too well aware of the difficulties created by diverting traffic to turn right into Church Street. However, in most cases, there is no alternative as any traffic diversion has to be suitable for all classes of vehicle, such as HGVs and coaches.

As a final point, it would greatly help the traffic flow if motorists travelling north up the High Street allowed at least one vehicle to turn right into Church Street so avoiding a long tail back.

Paul Sparks

County Councillor for Uckfield