Rocking since ‘63

YOUR Friday, June 10, edition had a headline on page five. I quote: ‘Sixties rock and rollers making an emotional return to spiritual home’.

Already billed as the oldest rock band on the planet and we probably are, the average age of the members is 70. We are without doubt the longest established all original members rock band in the south of England if not the whole country, having the present line up since 1963.

We will be doing our third gig for St Barnabas Hospice at the John Selden public house. Half Moon Lane, Worthing, on Saturday, September 17. There will also be another band from the 60s appearing that evening – The Polygons, noted for the country rock music.

Entry is free and landlord Mr Rodney Stoneham will be supplying prizes for a raffle.

Peter Dresch