Rubbish bags at Lewes flats haven’t been cleared since December

Rubbish bags piled high at  Lewes House flats
Rubbish bags piled high at Lewes House flats

I am a resident of the Lewes House flats, between Church Twitten and Walwers Lane. On this site we have one bin store to serve 24 flats. Our dustbins were last emptied on Wednesday, December 31. It is not hard to imagine the state of this bin store with rubbish accumulated over two and half weeks. The doors are bulging and vermin has been seen running in and out. I have complained to Lewes District Council and have received an anonymous email back from them informing me that a padlock on one of the bollards on the access road is broken and the matter has been passed to their Housing Services to deal with. How long does it take to call out a locksmith?

To make matters worse, this access road (owned by Lewes District Council) not only gives access to the refuse lorry, it is the only access to our flats for all the emergency services. If a resident requires an ambulance, or the police or fire brigade need emergency access to these flats, they would have big problems. Hopefully, by the time this letter is published the bins will have been emptied.

Above is a picture taken last Friday. Since the weekend, the door can hardly be shut.

Paul Mockford Lewes