Runaway Cafe - from now on I’ll use competitors’ train services

Dear Southern Railway, OK, You’ve decided, from your HQ heaven knows where (your postal address is a PO box number in Bristol) that you are going to evict the Runaway Cafe from its premises on Lewes Railway Station after you declined to renew its lease. Perhaps you feel confident in doing this because only Southern trains serve Lewes, which may have deluded you into believing that you have a captive audience. You do not.

Commuters from Lewes admittedly have no choice about which company’s trains to use, as I learnt to my cost during the years I commuted from here.

But many of your passengers today are not commuters, and we do have a choice. As you feel able to decide for me that the Runaway is no longer good enough to deserve my custom, then I have reached the same decision about you.

I shall now seek to avoid boarding another Southern Railway train, despite the generally good service your station and train crews provide. I can - and will - travel to Haywards Heath or to Tunbridge Wells to use the services provided by your competitors in preference to your own, until you renew the Runaway’s lease.

There is a saying in Sussex, which may not have reached you in Bristol: “We won’t be druv.” Nor shall we.

Alex Kirby