Salary rise of 11 per cent for MPs is ‘obscene’

To CEO of Parliamentary Standards Committee

The decision to award MPs a salary increase of 11 per cent is little short of obscene.

Even if an increase had been justified it should not have been awarded now and not until such time as the economy had fully recovered, and only then phased in over a period of years.

Many honourable people in this country are living on less per annum than the increase that the MPs will receive.

MPs’ current salary is already generous, given the very generous allowances and expenses they are in receipt of.

In addition, most have significant other interests, second and often multiple jobs and or consultancies, etc. These other interests obviously impact on their duties as MPs, yet they are still paid their full MP salary.

This decision is utterly disgraceful and unforgivable, when the majority of working people in Britain are struggling to maintain a reasonable standard of living and pay their essential bills. Think on.

Ashley Leaney (Mr)