Same sex marriage - shared values part of our heritage

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Sid Cordle MBE, leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance, pointed out same sex marriage was not in the Queen’s Speech nor in the manifestos of the secular parties.

These will control the lists of EU candidates for the 2014 elections. Meanwhile we need Christians as councillors for May 2013, for MEPs for 2014 and MPs for 2015 as the Queen reminded us of our heritage in her Christmas broadcast 2012.

Church/state relationships depend on mutual respect and with other faiths swamping our country is it likely our heritage will be upheld?

The blatant corruption of the ‘me first’ culture has led to anarchy on the streets since people act out what they have been taught through the eye-gate of schooling and adult TV.

Let’s hope the police commissioners manage to identify the shared values we are all supposed to hold. Tolerance is supposed to be prized unless your views disagree with mine. If there is no absolute truth anything goes and murder and mayhem are the result with only lock-up as a solution. Perhaps cures should be found in 2013.

R Ings