Save our roads from potholes

Potholes. councils need to re think on their strategy on pot holes.

Money wasted on pot holes year in and year out is not the answer to this long term problem.

We need to take a leaf out of Europe’s roads. In Austria there are no pot holes. They maintain their roads every five years with a good depth of tarmac to last five years. We spend and repair pot holes every year. We need to prevent this from occurring every year. Prevention is better than cure. The roads are never the same again.

Everyone who contributes council tax for the roads should not be relying solely on government grants. It is an expense every year. If Europe can have good roads, we can, not full of pot holes. With the volume of today’s traffic it will get worse before it gets better.

We should be planning ahead for the future. We will never stop Mother Nature. Damage to cars is increasing. It should never have happened. Our roads were much better years ago, not like today. Resurfacing with more depth of tarmac is the only way to save our roads for the future.

D Myles