Saxonbury House - council reaches new low for Lewes

I was shocked to read that our elected representatives on Lewes District Council are proposing to include Saxonbury House in Juggs Road, Lewes, in the portfolio of buildings they plan to sell off to the highest bidder.

This really is a new low.

Saxonbury is the one local facility for those needing emergency housing and, although far from ideal, at least allows local families, often at a time of immense stress, the chance of a degree of security and their own front door.

The alternative, a B&B or hotel outside their area, is in no way appropriate for people in such difficult circumstances.

If Lewes is to avoid becoming a smug town solely of the ‘haves’, its people need to look hard at who currently represents them and vote instead for a party which will ensure that all people, not just the better off, can continue to live and work in our town, and at present that means Labour.

Tessa Bain