Seaford and District Constitutional Club access issues neglected

I REFER to recent correspondence regarding disabled access to Seaford and District Constitutional Club and the reply by Tony Judd.

I must say I am utterly astounded by his remarks resulting in a long outburst of criticism levelled at the planning department of Lewes District Council (LDC), as to reasons why it has not been possible to address access issues. I would like to remind him that as early as 1995 LDC would have made his club aware of their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), with a deadline of nearly ten years later, in October 2004, when “all shops and public buildings must have taken reasonable steps to ensure the accessibility of their premises and services to people with disabilities”.

I am the husband and carer of the original writer who criticised the facilities. In fact, I can remember very well, in February 2003, attending an elderly lady’s birthday lunch, and having to wait a long time, in the snow, outside the Club while a route was found through the service entrance of the bar; this was in order to gain wheelchair access.

During the middle of the meal, it was a nightmare to access the toilet, situated on the next level.

Some seventeen years after first being made aware of their obligations, I think I am right in saying, that to my knowledge the club has done nothing towards their requirements; apart from one token short ramp. Even lines for disabled parking or widening of a toilet door would have shown at least an overall awareness and at minimal cost.

No, Mr Judd this is just not acceptable in 2012, so get working on your access issues now, and I just hope that Lewes District Council does not take so long to resolve your planning issues.

Tony Gibbs,