Seaford beach - EA unlikely to change its stance

etter to Jim Skinner

Thank you for writing to me regarding Seaford beach.

Over the past five years, you have of course written to me on many occasions highlighting your concerns related to the profile of Seaford Beach.

As you know, I have made numerous representations to the Environment Agency for you on

many different occasions and received responses to the wide number of beach related issues you have raised which I have passed on to you.

I continue to monitor your exchanges about this issue and I assure you that I am well aware of your ongoing concerns.

Of course, nobody wants an accident to happen at this location but, as you know, the Environment Agency has different views on how best to proceed and, as specialists in this area, these views must be given weight.

You will also recall that I have previously taken your concerns to the highest levels of government by contacting the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. I forwarded you the response that I received from the Minister for Environmental Protection.

If you have new concerns based on a change in the situation I will, of course, be happy to write to the Environment Agency once more. However, you’ll recognise that I have pursued your existing issues with the beach on many occasions and in light of the replies from the Environment Agency, I do not see any signs that they are likely to change this stance.

Norman Baker MP