Seaford beach flood defences on a knife edge

Seaford beach, as a robust flood defence, has now effectively failed. The top, compacted half is now reduced to a very narrow strip along almost the whole length of the promenade. The remainder is sand and gravel. This is as a result of severe weather, high tides and near 30 years of serious failure by the EA to properly manage the situation and, most concerning of all, adequately act on the obvious warning signs that have been reported to them over the past few years.

We are now effectively close to where we were back in 1987. I pray to God that any proposed way forward is not just to shingle import to rebuild the beach (which presumably will be required anyway now). We have now a once in a generation opportunity to implement a different approach based on longevity, sustainability (a term not muted back in 1987) and environmentally sound.

I, and other equally concerned local people, with long experience of the issues that affect the beach, are very happy to be involved in any debate to decide a new approach, and to suggest well reasoned ideas. However it has to be said, without solid commitment from our local elected representatives, any such debate will sadly, as the beach, ultimately fail.

Jim Skinner