Seaford council - Undemocratic claim unfounded

I am not interested in party politics but keep up to date with my local council at Seaford. I am often critical, but am also quick to congratulate the council and councillors when good work is done.

For years Seaford Town Council (STC) have sent me minutes of meetings which I read with interest.

These minutes are available on-line or in paper format to anyone who asks. I have attended council meetings and, in respect of Seaford Head Golf Club attended a well publicised consultation event, where plans were on display and councillors available to question about the project.

The public were asked to contribute their thoughts and concerns. In previous council meetings some councillors have expressed caution about the proposed building and, on at least one occasion, have over-ruled plans.

I am at a loss to know why new UKIP councillors are insinuating that Seaford Town Council have been not been transparent and that there has been no public consultation as this is clearly untrue. STC have recently been poor in their communication with constituents and local organisations, but I don’t think they can be accused of being undemocratic.

Kevin Gordon